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How Campfest Brings Out the Best Camper in You♥

FAQ about Campfest

Q: What are your requirements for Campfest?

A: You must be at least 21 years old. You must be in good health, preferably fle & tick free, friendly to all humans, and generally love to play nice.

Q: What is the Campfest interview process all about?

A: To be accepted as a campfester, your friends need to fill out our behavior questionnaire. You could be introduced to two hundred campers to see how well you interact with other campers. If all goes well, you are welcome to stay at least 3 minuets so we can continue to monitor your personal play patterns. Note: You may stay to play the entire day at no cost to your spouse. Just bring plenty of refreshments for all,

Q: What time is the Campfest open?

A: Check in time is 2:00pm Friday: Check out time is 12:00pm Sunday.

Q: What will I do at campfest?

A: Nothing, Eat Drink & Be merry. Try a Magic Trick, Make a Family Tree , learn to Juggle, Sculpt a Masterpiece, Bring a book to Read, write a story, Sing a song, Have a Scavenger Hunt finding your keys, wife, or drinks.

Q: What do I wear to Camp?

A: Due to the fact that we do not want to lose a camper it is best that you ware clothing with your name and phone number on it, along with your camp site. Long story...

Q: Can my legal Guardian check-in on me?

A: No if you are not capable of checking yourself in you should just stay home. We canot be responsible for ourselves therefore just stay home.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation?

A: No you just need to stop in at the gate and pay your $10.00 Per person per nite.

Q: Will I get to eat at Campfest?

A: All depends on weather you bring food to eat... We do not provide food, snacks, drinks, etc.. This is not a summer camp for kids. If you are planning on camping with the big Boys/Girls Pack the appropriate food and drink...

Q: Should I eat prior to coming to Campfest?

A: It is best to eat 2.0 hours prior to coming to campfest to prevent getting too drunk and to make it past 9:00pm or at least to see the fire. Just to be safe, if you have not eaten in less than 2.0 hours you'll most likely be passed out before any of the fun begins.

Q: Can I rest or take a nap at campfest?

A: Up to you, we are not responsible for anything that might happen to you while resting, napping, or passed out at campfest.

Q: What if I get sick, injured, or pregnant at campfest?

A: Our camp counselors are not certified in anything. In fact there not even consolers just campers themselves. With any luck someone from the campground might be able to get help . * Campfest is not responsible for anything you might do to yourself, spouse, or friends. Campfest cannot be held liable for any surprise pregnancies that camping might have caused. Sorry!

Q: Do I get to play with other Campfesters when I am staying for overnight?

A: Assming you are good and play nice Yes you can play all day and night with other campfsters. Make sure to take a nap!

Q: What kind of overnight camp gear do I need to bring for Campfest?

A: Bring lots of beer, wine, alcohol, as it is best to stay on the diet you are so accustomed to. Your favorite toy (Boy or Girl) or a fluffy stuffed animal these are always a good thing to curl up with at night. You should bring a bed, tent, cot, or other for of shelter. Make sure you have a canoe/kayak or have made arrangement to rent one.

Q: Will someone be able to give me my drugs?

A: No. "Hug me, don't Drug me"

Q: What else does my spouse need to know if I'm going to campfest?

A: After a stay at campfest, your brain may be temporarily sensitive from drinking excessively. Try to limit alcohol consumption for the first 3 hours as campers tend to over drink when they arrive.

Q: Do you have camp showers at campfest?

A: Yes, but I would not take one. Beter if you just jump in the river and wash up. There could be an additional charge for bathing. Some Campfesters also offer additional grooming. Check you local campfest tallent for availibility.

R U Ready For Campfest?

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